I’m Gilles de Hollander and I am a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Tomas Knapen at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Short CV


  • 2017–current Postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Tomas Knapen doing laminar-resolved UHF-fMRI during binocular rivalry
  • 2013–2017 PhD-student in Birte Forstmann-lab of model-based neuroimaging, investigating the functional neuroanatomy of the Subthalamic Nucleus using 7T structural and functional MRI and computational cognitive modelling
  • 2010–2012 MSc Artificial Intelligence, University of Amsterdam.
    • Thesis: An application of Multivariate Pattern Analysis: does the Subthalamic Nucleus code for response caution?
    • Supervisors: Dr. B. U. F. Forstmann, Dr. L. van Maanen and Dr. M. van Someren
  • 2005–2010 BSc Beta-Gamma, University of Amsterdam.
    • Beta-Gamma is a three-year interdisciplinary bachelor that aims at teaching interdisciplinary thought and research strategies.
    • 2008–2010 major Artificial Intelligence
      • Bachelor Project: The EU Parliament in clouds: An applied study on the usability of word clouds to summarize meetings and the methods to construct them
      • Supervisor: Dr. M. Marx
    • 2006–2008 major Psychobiology
      • Bachelor Project: Teamwork in autism: where to represent someone else’s actions in a joint spatial compatibility task
      • Supervisor: Dr. J.A. van Hooft
    • 1999–2005 VWO, Vossius Gymnasium, Amsterdam.
      • Course Profiles: Nature & Technology, Nature & Health
      • Extra Courses: Classical Latin, History, Philosophy
      • Thesis: Klankkleur bij Elecktrische Gitaren (Timbre of Electric Guitars)


  • Gave a lecture on model-based neuroimaging in the “Model-based summer school” of the Forstmann lab (slides; code).
  • Gave a workshop about Python in Neuroscience (February 2014, slides, IPython Notebook).
  • Gave a lecture about basic fMRI, Multivariate Pattern Analysis and Representational Similarity Analysis in the “Introduction to Neuroscientific and Neuroanatomy” (november 2012,  2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Teaching Assistant Reinforcement Learning Practical Beta-Gamma computer practical, 2013
    • Developed and taught a completely redesigned computer practical in Javascript. Students could run the entire practical from their internet browser (link to course website).
  • Teaching Assistant Qualitative Reasoning Practical Future Planet Studies, UvA, 2012
  • Teaching Assistant Reinforcement Learning Practical Beta-Gamma computer practical, UvA, 2009, 2010 and 2011
    • Developed and taught computer practical in Matlab.
Software development
  • I contributed code to multiple Python modules for use in cognitive neuroscience
    • pymp2rage: a Python module to work with MP2RAGE MRI data (estimate UNI, T1, T2*, correct for B1 field inhomogeneities, etc.)
    • nighres: a Python module to process (e.g., segmen t) MRI data acquired at ultra-high field.
    • pyseqsample: a Python module to fit and investigate sequential sampling models

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